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Wagner Automatic Spray Guns

Wagner AirCoat Air-Assisted Spray Gun

Wagner AirCoat Air-Assisted Spray Gun Applicators

With the diaphragm drive of the GA 3000AC automatic guns, WAGNER is again setting an innovative high point in surface coating. The diaphragm needs less than 0.3 seconds to open and close, thus providing more than 200 actuations per minute. The fast actuation cycle provides decisive benefits.

Wagner Evobell High Speed Rotary Airless Spray Gun

Wagner Evobell

On the airless automatic gun, all material wetted parts are made in stainless steel. The design of this airless gun lays stress on a compact and robust build, with, at the same time, large openings and high switching precision. A comprehensive range of accessories allows both the manual and the automatic guns to be optimally adapted to the application.

Wagner Electrostatic Air-Atomized Spray Gun

Wagner Electrostatic Air-Atomized Spray Gun Applicators

WAGNER electrostatic automatic guns have been developed especially for automated, efficient and economical electrostatic coating in industry. All electrostatic guns for automatic application of solventbased paints are explosion protected in accordance with the ATEX guideline.

Our wide product range enables you to select the perfect gun for your coating requirements. All guns offer perfect surface finishing as well as simple maintenance and cleaning. Matched control units guarantee high process reliability and ease operation.

Wagner SupraCoat HLVP Spray Gun

Wagner SupraCoat HLVP Spray Gun Applicators

WAGNER SupraCoat is based on HVLP technology and in comparison to so-called HVLP plug-in systems and conventional air guns, offers decisive advantages from all points of view. The low kinetic energy of the paint particles provides a very differentiated spray jet with little over spray or turbulence. Due to the optimized design of the SupraCoat gun, an excellent surface finish is achieved and paints with higher viscosities can also be applied.