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PrecisionSwirl T Liquid-Applied Sound Deadening

Old Technology: Manual application is labor intensive, time consuming and more expensive.

New Technology: Robotic application saves time, material and money.

State-of-the-art technology replaces the use of plastic pads in automotive sound deadening applications. PrecisionSwirl T brings sound deadening to a new level. Say good-bye to manually applied die-cuts and mastic pads with Graco's PrecisionSwirl T automated liquid-applied sound deadening system. PrecisionSwirl T replaces melt pads using new liquid dispense materials, resulting in fuller coverage, no gaps and better structural integrity. PrecisionSwirl T includes a state-of-the-art proportioning control panel, patented mechanical swirl applicator, feed system and regulators--ensuring continuous flow and closed loop control.

Compare Airless Spray, Melt Pads, and PrecisionSwirl T

  • Quality:
    • Airless High pressure atomization bounceback and overspray
    • Melt Pads Requires custom sizes and shapes--easily misapplied by manual processes
    • PrecisionSwirl T Low pressure streaming and robot controlled-no waste and no air contamination; versatile
  • Productivity:
    • Airless Manual or automatic, but hard to control/contain overspray--cannot apply near a class A finish
    • Melt Pads Customized for every design. Requires online storage space and manual placement
    • PrecisionSwirl T Easy adjustment for model change, easily applied near a class A finish and high flow rates.
  • R.O.I
    • Airless Requires Overspray containment Airless spray tip changes Overspray clean-up High-pressure atomization High-cost fluids
    • Melt Pads Requires Customized shapes Storage Manual placement Engineered process change
    • PrecisionSwirl T Eliminates Overspray containment needs Tip changes High cost materials Changes with model / year Quality defects & rework

PrecisionSwirl T puts the material exactly where you want it, even in tight crevices, so you get less wasted product and no atomization or overspray. Put a PrecisionSwirl T system anywhere in your plant, not just in a ventilated paint spray booth. Better control and accuracy means fewer warranty issues, water and air leaks. And because materials stream from the large PrecisionSwirl T orifice, there's less tip wear, which means more consistent patterns and less tip plugging.

  • Low pressure 450-500 psi (31-34.5 bar) operation reduces abrasive wear and extends nozzle life
  • Tip-free nozzles are compatible with abrasive materials--no spray tips to clean or replace
  • Non-atomizing, high-speed PrecisionSwirl T applicators deliver a clean edge with no mess
  • Patent-pending applicator