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Non Woven Market Adhesives

ITW Dynatec designs, manufacturers and sells a full range of cold and hot-melt adhesive application equipment for the Non-woven Industry worldwide. Application flexibility

  • Drum Unloaders
  • Laminated Plate Technology (LPT) Nozzle
  • Metered Gear Head
  • Integra Elastic Strand Coating System

LPT Omega Adhesive Pattern

  • Omega pattern gives you precise adhesive fiber size control
  • Increased bond strength over spiral or other non-contact application
  • Provides precise edge control compared to spiral patterns which overlap and develop over spray
  • Reduces back sheet thickness due to lower adhesive temperatures.
  • Reduces your adhesive cost by up to 60% based on 6.5 to 2.5 grams/sq. meter for back sheet lamination.
  • Only fluid application system that virtually covers the entire spectrum of Non-woven applications
  • Uses lower air pressure for better fiber size control resulting in stronger adhesive fibers
  • Accommodates higher production line speeds
  • Fiberizes the adhesive perpendicular to the direction of the moving web
  • More defined control of the fiber size and shape